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Our values


Understanding and feeling the motivations, frustrations and experiences of those we design for helps us in every aspect of our work.

Creative problem solving

We don’t shy away from complex or challenging projects. If there’s a way through, we’ll find it.


At the core of all our projects is a happy marriage of our clients’ expertise and ours. We believe the best way to meet goals is to work together as one team.

Honesty and dependability

Fostering trust is essential to create long-lasting relationships.

Outcome focused

Dedicated to delivering lasting value.

Fun and friendly!

We want to do interesting work with nice people, be kind to each other and get the job done.


As a recent graduate the team at Ten4 were instrumental in my development as a designer. Training through courses and books is also encouraged so you are always able to learn new skills. Working at Ten4 is rewarding, fun and engaging.

Aran, Designer

The reason I joined Ten4 was because I wanted to feel valued, and Ten4 has definitely lived up to that. I receive the support to grow both professionally and personally, getting to do interesting work for a great variety of clients. I suppose in a very real way, the best thing about Ten4 is the people.

Amelia, Developer

The best thing about Ten4 is the people. It’s nice to be surrounded by a group who are good at their jobs, pleasant to work with, and also fun outside the office. To anyone considering a career at Ten4, I say go for it!

Andrew, Senior product strategist