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In January 2021 we celebrated 20 years of Ten4. From day one we were a small, web-focused company, and we still are — deliberately. We believe a tight, integrated organisation collaborates better and works more efficiently, because everyone at Ten4 is immersed in your audience, your needs, and your objectives.

We have grown with the web. Our reputation for exceptional work has attracted clients across many sectors, including national charities, UK government departments, FTSE 250 companies and multinational corporations. We’re proud to say that many of them have stayed with us in the long term, some for over a decade. And they’re still working with the same project teams they started with.

We’re very glad to have found Ten4. They brought our brand values to life and are helping us tell the story of National Lottery funded projects and the people involved in new ways.

Daniel Drakes, National Lottery Good Causes.

What to expect from us

Firstly, expect lots of questions. We can help you most when we have a deep understanding of your organisation and your goals. We place a big emphasis on discovery —lots of agencies do— and we’ll be honest about our abilities. We’re always up for a challenge, but if we think you have a better chance of success elsewhere we’ll let you know. We’re also happy to work alongside other agencies and experts to give you the best possible outcome.

In fact, we’re happy to do discovery in-and-of-itself, to define your brief, set appropriate budgets, timescales and so on. If you find another agency to complete the eventual project, that’s fine.

Expect clearly defined process. We’ve honed our approach over many years and hundreds of projects. Process doesn’t guarantee success, but it does make the transition through the different stages easier. For you and us. We use a suite of platforms for research, planning, prototyping, project management and so on. But we’re not dogmatic about our workflow; if you have a specific way you want to work, let’s hear it.

Expect a focus on your users at all times. There can be a fine line between what’s good for your organisation and what’s good for your users. We’ll advocate for them throughout because ultimately, they are who we are all working for.

Expect friendly, passionate people. We care about our work, meeting your goals and helping you achieve long-term success. We do this with empathy, through collaboration and with a healthy balance between work and our own lives.

View of Ten4's sign that hangs at the entrance to Tredegar Mews.
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