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Question everything

Discovery is a key part of our process, so being open to new ways of thinking (and doing) is essential. We’ll ask a lot of questions. And you will, too.

Be creative and inclusive

Difference gives you an edge. The fundamentals of usability and accessibility can turn the superficial into the extraordinary.

Think long term

We’re not into quick fixes. We’re into hard work, collaboration, honesty and respect. With that we can create meaningful, enduring impact.

Our Clients

Our work has led us down many exciting paths, meeting inspiring people, keeping us on our toes, continually challenging and rewarding us.

The team at Ten4 went above and beyond to deliver us a truly unique website that embodies our work, culture and ethos. Not afraid to voice their expert opinion, they listened, instructed and guided us through the entire process. This was a large, complex project, but the team embraced the challenge!

Karina Blakey, PR and Marketing Manager - Gillespies
Photograph of John Stewart

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