The existing website had grown tired and offered a poor user experience. Over time content became muddled and out of date. Users struggled to find advice and services online, often resorting to email or phone for help. The website needed an updated design and structure based on user needs.

The BDA is a complex business with many activities and income streams. Services managed through paper-based transactions and manual data entry needed review. To support this their CRM (ThankQ) needed integrating with the website.

Design, User Experience and Content

We asked BDA's users about their needs. Card sorting helped us create a navigation that made advice and services easy to find. A thorough audit highlighted content to keep, rewrite or remove. Remaining content is easy to digest, helped by a clean new layout and simple typography. The result is a leaner, more useful website that puts people first.

CRM Integration

We examined BDA's workflows uncovering pain points and ambitions. Mapping out each process allowed us to identify key improvements. This included eliminating all paper based processes and moving all payments online.

Our integration with ThankQ allows users to become members, donate and book events. Data flows into the CRM with users able to manage their details through their account pages.

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Accessibility & User Testing

The website supports users of assistive technologies using standards based code. Following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) allowed us to meet 'AA' accessibility standards. The Dyslexia Friendly Style Guide informed both design and content. Testing the website with dyslexic users identified improvements to make complex tasks digestible.

It was a pleasure to work alongside Ten4 in ensuring our new website met all our needs and those of our customers. The team are very professional, responsive, and personable. Ten4’s experience with our CRM was instrumental in ensuring we kept on track with our deadline.

Angelique Lyon, Chief Operating Officer
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