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We believe that talent should be nurtured, so in 2010 we started running year-long student placements at Ten4. To qualify, applicants must be studying web design, be able to demonstrate high levels of ability and drive and be willing and able to learn fast.

We offer successful applicants 12 months as an integral member of a tight, talented, ambitious team — a team that provides a high-quality service for demanding clients including FTSE 250 companies, major broadcasters, UK government departments, multinational corporations and renowned institutions.

Other than the 12 month contract and concessions for training and getting up to speed, we’ll treat you like any other employee: you’ll receive a salary and holiday entitlement; you’ll learn about our business, project budgets and scheduling; you’ll work on pitching, planning, new design/builds, maintenance of existing sites, and more; you’ll be offered a free, healthy lunch every day; and from time to time we’ll take you out for a drink.

Here’s what our previous placement students have said about their year at Ten4, and a little on what they’re up to now…

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Durra Shuazlan and Oli Knight

Durra Shuazlan

"My placement year was an incredibly fulfilling experience for both my professional and personal development. The team was always ready to help and I always felt supported. The monthly outings were always fun and something I looked forward to.

On the first day, I started working on my own real client project, where skills I learned at university were directly applied and expanded throughout the year. Working at a small company meant personalised and quicker professional development. It gave me an insight into the entire project pipeline, from pitch, to design, to development and launch. Communication was direct and accessible which made the development process seamless. Seeing projects throughout its stages gave me multiple perspectives which helped me become a better developer. This knowledge was incredibly helpful for my final year project.

Overall, Ten4’s fun and supportive culture and streamlined workflow created a nurturing and enriching experience that helped me grow my technical skills very quickly. I couldn’t have started my career in a better way."

Durra is now employed full time at Ten4

Oli Knight

“The team is very supportive and always willing to help no matter the problem, which greatly helped me to progress in my skills as a developer. During the pandemic, Ten4 made sure that all of the staff were happy and healthy which helped to keep everybody's spirits up while working from home.”

Oli is now a software engineer at FactSet


James Norton, Aran Bansal and Karolina Balogová

James Norton

“In just three months my skills and personal development have accelerated beyond anything I could have imagined. The team has been extremely supportive, helping me set goals in monthly one-to-ones and tailoring my work to achieve those goals.

The range of clients and sectors we work with means projects are nicely varied and the insight into other industries is fascinating. Getting to meet clients and present work within a few weeks of starting is testament to the confidence Ten4 has in placement students.

The work environment, outings, and warm welcome has made the experience enjoyable as well as valuable — ‘going to work’ is no longer a chore, but something I look forward to.”

James is now a UI Designer at Resident Advisor

Aran Bansal

“My time at Ten4 has far exceeded any expectations I had for a placement year. Working on a variety of different projects from the outset has been exciting, challenging and extremely insightful. The team outings and the friendly work atmosphere have made the experience very enjoyable.”

Aran is now employed full time at Ten4

Karolína Balogová

"Having no previous work experience I was a little bit nervous starting at Ten4 however I got settled into the new work environment very quickly as everyone was friendly and eager to help.

I was surprised how soon I got to work on real projects which made things really exciting. I love the fact that I am given the opportunity to improve the skills I want to focus on, which allows me to keep learning and to reach and set new goals. However, the thing I find the most valuable is the whole insight into the creative industry and the way things run in a company.

It’s not only the interesting work but also the regular team outings that make the whole experience unforgettable."

Karolina is now a User Researcher at Financial Times


Sam O’Neill, Alex Young and Charlie Grinsted

Sam O'Neill

“My time at Ten4 far exceeded my expectations. The opportunity to work on real world projects, and witness the entire process from start to finish has provided me with an insight into the industry that could not be replicated at university. I’m certain that the skills I’ve gained will be of huge benefit to me throughout the duration of my career.

The small and friendly team made me feel welcome from day one, and help was always at hand when required. It’s not all work and no play, either – regular events and days out ensure that those doing a placement here feel like an integral part of the team.

I couldn’t recommend a placement with Ten4 enough – it’s an experience you’ll never forget.”

Sam was employed at Ten4 for a number of years before moving on. He is now a Design Engineer at Clearleft

Alex Young

“The opportunity to work with Ten4’s developers and designers at each stage of the web development process, from wire-framing through to site launch gave me hands on experience that I have found very valuable both in my final year of university and when starting my first job.

I worked as a developer on both front-end and back-end projects. I really enjoyed working on the back-end systems and with CMSs and found it really fuelled my interest in Computer Science.

The studio is in the heart of Shoreditch, five minutes from Old Street, with plenty to do around the area and lots of culture! Overall Ten4 is a great place to work and i would thoroughly recommend spending your placement year there.”

Alex is now a Lead Backend Engineer at Lava Labs

Charlie Grinsted

“Working as part of a small team did not come naturally to me as ordinarily I preferred freelance projects. But I quickly adapted, aided by my reliable and professional colleagues. My desire to work independently at University was often driven by the unreliability of others, which was not the case at Ten4. The placement cemented my career choice to an extent that I didn't consider possible and the combination of interesting day-to-day tasks and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere made it a fantastic experience.”

Charlie is now lead developer at Ten4


Charlotte Jackson, Sam Lester and Andy Green

Charlotte Jackson

“Joining Ten4 Design as a placement student was one of the best things I've done for my career. Starting a work placement is exciting and scary. I left Brighton for a year to be closer to Ten4's studio, where I hardly knew anyone. I worked in a web agency for the first time and I wrote code for real life websites; not just University projects. Turned out it was nowhere near as scary as it seemed. I can thank the Ten4 team for making it one of my biggest and most valuable learning experiences. They are a friendly and welcoming bunch; plus they are talented and knowledgeable with plenty to teach. I worked on a variety of fun projects for exciting clients with a balance of support and independence. Not forgetting some smaller projects to increase my confidence.

I returned to University armed with a wealth of new skills to use on my final project, where I won the award for the best web based final project. The placement also helped me secure a graduate job because I could show potential employers the sites I had worked on. To anyone considering a placement at Ten4 Design, I say go for it; you won't regret it.”

Charlotte is now a Senior Product Manager at Prospa, coach, leader and public speaker

Sam Lester

“My placement at Ten4 was absolutely brilliant. In my time there I learnt about JavaScript, accessibility, UX design, CMS integration and more, mostly from working alongside the team on client projects. Five years later I still use these skills every day in my own business.

Throughout the placement the work was varied and challenging. Working in a small company means you're a core part of projects for big clients, never bored and always seeing the real world impact of your work.

You couldn't work with a more talented and friendly team than Ten4. If you want a placement experience where you work on interesting projects, learn lots of new skills and always feel valued then this is the role for you.”

Sam in now co-founder at Inktrap

Andy Green

“Ten4’s placement scheme is ideal for anyone wanting to get into web development. I had the joy of working with (and later joining) their creative and talented team.

Students are given real project responsibilities from day one. It's daunting, but ultimately forces you to seek help, collaborate, and learn from the rest of the team. Many of us have been through the same process! You'll have the opportunity to get involved with every stage of the web development process, from concept and wireframing, to the final build.

Clients and projects are varied, there's always a new challenge ahead, and the company is growing.”

Andy is now senior developer at Ten4

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