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It’s been three weeks since we decided to switch to home working. Sometimes it’s easier than being in the studio, sometimes it’s a lot harder, but we’re staying positive. We’re still working hard to keep people at the centre of our work, and make it stand out in a world where everyone wants to stand out*.

We’re grateful to be able to continue working through this crisis: the studio is closed but we’re open for business and supporting our clients as usual.

We’re even more grateful for the people whose work puts them at risk.

If you work in the NHS, thank you. If you work in a supermarket or local shop, thank you. If you’re a delivery driver, thank you. If you’re in the emergency services, government, transport, food production, education, or any other key service, thank you.

But also, if you’re staying at home, only going out when it’s necessary, enduring the chaos without fuss or fanfare, thank you too. In the end there will be many millions of people whose private, unsung struggles have carried us through.

Keep on keeping on (and check out Curtis Mayfield if you need some inspiration).

*reading Content Design by Sarah Richards 👍

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