Attendees of a digital discovery workshop plan how website content fits together by sketing on the back of a paper placemat
A digital consultant assesses ideas for a website redesign
Four women discuss workshop ideas that are written on post-it notes and stuck to a glass wall

Uncovering the real goals of your new website

It's easy to say you need a new website; it's much harder to know how that new website should look or what it should do. While most organisations are full of people happy to explain at length everything that doesn't work about the current site, those same critics rarely have good ideas about what to replace it with.

That's where we can help.

Using data and research to find what your users need

Our digital consultancy projects are designed to uncover exactly what your users actually need from your website, based on both your existing data and new research we'll carry out.

The research we do varies by project but can include:

  • interviews and workshops with your key stakeholders;
  • focus groups and testing with your users;
  • analysis of your current website's analytics;
  • ideation workshops;
  • user persona mapping; and
  • audits of your existing website's content.

From this rich trove of data, we'll sift out the themes, problems, desires and necessities that come up again and again — and in collaboration with you, we'll use those findings to identify the most important problems your new website or digital product needs to solve. Depending on the scope and complexity of your business, this might take two weeks or it might take two months, but it's critical to get this part right before you launch into your project, or even write a brief. You don't want to spend months developing a bicycle only to discover that what you needed all along was a jet ski.

Four pages of user personas showing profile photo, name, primary role and biography, user goals and impressions of the website


User personas can help your team empathise with your audience and keep them in mind when working on digital strategy

Specifying digital deliverables, KPIs and a reasonable cost and time estimate

Once we've agreed on a clear set of goals, we'll translate them into a prioritised list of clearly specified deliverables — as well as a comprehensive framework (including key performance indicators) for evaluating whether those deliverables, once in place, actually achieve what they're meant to. By thinking in terms of the finished product, we'll also be able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate for how long the rest of the process will take and how much it will cost you.

Line graph showing weighted scoring, highlighting the best, mean, and lowest scoring tenders


A clear, weighted set of priorities to help you evaluate multiple tender responses

While we hope you'll choose to continue the development project itself with us, we're also happy to do the discovery part on its own. Either way, we'll provide the same documentation at the end of the process, including a detailed brief for the finished product, a summary of all our research findings, and even the raw data, if you want it.

If you plan to elicit multiple tenders, we can help you create a clear set of weighted priorities so you can easily find the right agency for the job.

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