The Boundary

The Boundary

The Boundary

The Boundary

Portfolio, digital store and intranet for one of the world’s best architectural visualisation studios


Founded in 2014 by Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss, The Boundary has rapidly gained an international reputation for excellence in the visual representation of architecture and the built environment.


  • Front-end Development
  • Visual design
  • Content Management
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI design
  • Hosting
  • eCommerce

Boundary Store

The Boundary Store was created in response to numerous requests to make their scenes and models available for purchase. Aspiring CGI artists can now access some of the richest architectural models, many with accompanying tutorials and documentation — “providing an in depth analysis of how each aspect of the scene was developed thus providing a thorough step by step guide to unpicking the detail and intricacy of each project.”

Check it out the beautiful 🍍 — it’s free!

The process of taking an idea, testing it, developing it into a useful tool and then making it all work has always been incredibly smooth and hassle free with Ten4. We look forward to continued collaboration with ten4 on the next iteration, and on other online tools in the pipeline.

Peter Guthrie, Director

The Boundary Live

The Boundary Live is the company’s intranet and client-facing image-review tool. Most of its contents are highly confidential, so we can’t share any screenshots publicly, but if you get in touch we'll be able to share more information in confidence. 

You can see more information on our closed-system projects in our insight article: Designing for ultra niche audiences — a look at our behind-the-scenes projects

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