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Pentagon Tiles

Taming data and crafting user experience to engage architecture and design professionals


Pentagon Tiles import and distribute tiles to a core client-base of architecture and design professionals. Our large portfolio of architect’s websites made us well-placed to redesign as a showcase for over 50 tile ranges with thousands of variants and an easy sample-ordering system.


  • Front-end Development
  • Content Management
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI design
  • Data processing
  • Hosting
  • 3D rendering


Pentagon Tiles


We contacted Ten4 after a number of positive recommendations from clients. We have found their approach to be very refreshing and the overall product is excellent! The Team are a pleasure to work with and we are delighted to have them as our go to people for website related services. People always ask us who designed our website which in my view is a clear indication that it’s been designed and implemented to a high standard.

Sam Frith, Creative Director

Deciphering data to enable searches and collections

We kicked off by deciphering the data behind 50+ ranges, coming from several factories in different countries, with many materials, finishes and other attributes. This proved to be a huge task, but the pay off enabled two core elements of the site to be developed: tile search and collections.

The tile search easily filters desired attributes from thousands of variants, and collections allow Pentagon to group ranges that share attributes, such as a particular material or appearance.

Detailed search filter

Speaking to architects and specifiers for some first-hand insight, we learned that the way they source products can change with each new project. Much effort was put in to correctly classifying and labelling the tiles, enabling discovery from a range or starting points, such as colour, appearance, material, shape or application.

Easy sample ordering, even on mobile

Customers transition easily from browsing to basket and checkout. With separate processes for professionals and private individuals, Pentagon can serve the different markets more effectively.

Pentagon Tiles specialise in multi-format modulating ranges (different sizes that fit together in interesting ways). We produced several simple renders to illustrate the key ranges, set against a classic Eames chair to show scale.

Ranges and collections

Ranges are groups of tiles particular to a single factory, often containing several variants (different sizes and colours, mosaic versions and so on). Pentagon can group ranges from different factories together to create collections that share a theme, such as wood-effect tiles or large-format options.

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