National Television Awards

National Television Awards

National Television Awards

National Television Awards

Driving engagement and running the online vote for the National Television Awards


Indigo Television approached us over five years ago to redesign the website and online voting platform for the National Television Awards: the massive public vote for the UK’s most-loved TV stars and shows. We’re still working with Indigo, and every award-season sees a new iteration of the site, each with a more refined voting process, more engaging content and more ways to share.


  • Front-end Development
  • Visual design
  • SEO
  • UX/UI design
  • Data processing
  • Hosting


Indigo Television


Ten4 brought a great deal of experience and have helped our traffic soar!

Ken Johnston, Associate Producer

Secure and engaging mobile voting

The voting system (powered by our own software) is a custom process designed to draw users quickly and easily through a number of categories in two voting stages. Security measures such as IP monitoring, email verification, Captcha and independent verification ensure the validity of the vote and specialist hosting allows hundreds of thousands of users to vote simultaneously without issue.

We established a number of KPIs such as visitor/voter ratio, mailing list signups and competition entries, as well as voting totals, overall traffic and social referrals (which remain the biggest point of entry). Each year the site evolves to drive up these numbers: the design is updated, the voting process get ever-more refined, copy is rewritten, and we provide more ways to share.

More shares, more traffic and more votes

Twitter and Facebook send more traffic to the site than any other source thanks to major celebrities mobilising their fanbases, and our custom sharing features — users can share a dynamically created montage of their selected nominees.


Year on year vote-growth


The vote now attracts around over 200% of the audience we started with in 2009

  • Average growth in visitors is now over 30% each year
  • The conversion rate grows each year as we turn more visitors in to voters, and more voters into mailing-list subscribers
  • Our sharing features (users can now share a dynamically created montage of their selected nominees) keep social referrals the biggest entry-point for voters

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