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Selling art online with Craft Commerce


Started by Angela Flowers in 1970, Flowers Gallery has two exhibition spaces in London and one in Manhattan, NY. They came to us to enhance and expand their existing website — a brief that evolved into a complete redesign/rebuild, including fulfilling their ambitions to sell art and art books online. The gallery uses Artlogic’s gallery management system; its many features are integral to the smooth running of the business, so we started by exploring the possibility of using Artlogic to manage key areas of the website, too.


  • Front-end Development
  • Content Management
  • SEO
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI design
  • eCommerce


Flowers Gallery


Flowers Gallery had a fantastic experience working with Ten4. They continue to offer us great technical support and ideas for future online development

Alex Peake, Marketing Manager

Integrating with Craft CMS with Artlogic

Following a full content audit and thorough examination of requirements and goals, we set about the project in two phases: the delivery of a new website; followed by the implementation of an eCommerce system. The first step was to integrate Artlogic with Craft CMS (the content management system that would run the site) — we did this by feeding in data from Artlogic at regular intervals and creating and edit articles automatically to mirror the gallery’s inventory of works (including images, title, medium, dimensions and so on). Exhibitions, artists, news and events are managed through the Craft control panel.

Craft Commerce

Craft Commerce (Craft’s native eCommerce platform) was an obvious choice to run the online store. Flowers sell in three primary categories: prints (original, highly limited works produced by the artists); books; and currently exhibited works — all of which are fed through from Artlogic. Craft Commerce adds a storefront and shopping cart, promo-code functionality, checkout, shipping and order management, with Sage Pay taking the final payment.

Users can click to view art ‘in a room’, which displays the piece to scale against a wall of the gallery itself.

Designing the fulfilment process

This was Flowers’ first move into selling online, with some artworks priced in excess of £10,000. We naturally wanted every step to work, so in addition to payment processing and inventory management we worked with Flowers’ team to design a manageable fulfilment process. Helping to develop tax and shipping policies, framing options, as well as the workflow for taking an order to completion ensures everyone working on the project has an end-to-end view of the operation.

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