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Underbelly run several live-entertainment festivals across the UK at different times of the year. Their online ticketing function was developed for their first festival, but hadn’t scaled well with the company’s rapid growth into new areas. Our goal was to increase online sales by delivering a centralised ticketing system that worked across multiple events and could easily accommodate future expansion — while also unifying the Underbelly brand to increase the company’s year-round profile.

Focusing on user experience to drive revenue

We built a custom API integration with Underbelly's ticketing system, creating a flexible purchase flow that flattens each event’s complex back-end pricing into a single, simple page for the customer. A unified basket allows simultaneous purchase of merchandise, gift vouchers, and tickets at events across the country, while a comprehensive auto-complete event search allows users to easily find events based on a few keywords — or to browse by venue, genre, date and time, or artist.

Three mobile screenshots showing an online ticketing system for various event websites

Making marketing easier

The new suite of websites incorporate intelligent sales tools at each step of the process: search results can be modified to up- or down-weight specific events, or to surface related events together; event listings can be tagged to give exclusive access to registered members or only to users with a link; performance listings can be enriched with casting or admission information; and interstitial pages can be added to the checkout process to upsell additional offers or services based on what's already in the basket.

Our requirements have been wide-ranging in terms of scale and offer, and Ten4 have met all of the challenges, bringing invaluable project management, design and technical skills and ensuring that all work was completed to deadline. We are very pleased with the results.

Nicki Marsh, Head of Marketing

Measuring success

Underbelly now sell more tickets, faster, to more people than ever before. On our new suite of sites, users increased by 70% in the first year, user journeys sped up by an average of 10%, and online ticket sales for individual festivals increased by 10% to 16% over the previous year.

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