Why Craft CMS is the best content management system we (and you) have ever used

Why Craft CMS is the best content management system we (and you) have ever used

A content management system (CMS) allows you and your team to organise and edit website content through a simple, non-technical interface.

A CMS should get out of your way. It shouldn't frustrate you, or stop working just when you need it.

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A good CMS shouldn't limit your website's content formats and features. It should handle more than simple text and images. It should support multiple authors, with their own accounts and edit permissions. It should let you write drafts to publish in the future.

A great CMS should let you roll back to an older version of your content. It should handle content in multiple languages. It should manage files locally and in the cloud. It should include categories and tags. It should support defining relationships between content. It should let you preview content directly on your website, before it's published.

A spectacular CMS should do all of this, and more, out of the box. It should allow more complex systems to be built upon it. It should be highly developer-friendly, and be based on stable, established technologies, reducing risk, cost, and complexity.

Craft CMS is a spectacular content management system

The Craft team has verified our track record of delivering high-quality work to happy clients

There are often trade-offs between a website's structure and a CMS's capabilities, but Craft is flexible enough to keep even the most complicated layout intuitively editable by anyone.

With its powerful plugin architecture, the included feature set can be pushed even further, and customised to your exact needs. Import content from Twitter and Instagram, organise events in a calendar, drop pins on a map, or (with the Craft Commerce add-on) manage an online store.

Ten4 has been using Craft CMS since 2013, and as a Craft Partner it powers the majority of our client's websites, big and small. We love it, and our clients love it.

If you're tired of fighting against your content management system, we're confident you'll love Craft CMS too. Get in touch.

Last updated 28 August 2018

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