Ten4’s voting and competition software

Tapping into years of experience with web voting systems (The National Television Awards, Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year, The British Soap Awards, and The National Lottery & Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Projects, to name a few), we have developed a reusable, flexible and secure online voting/polling platform. And we'd like to tell you about it.

Ten4’s voting and competition software

We’ve helped run the massive online vote for the National Television Awards since 2009, registering millions of submissions every year

So what does it do?

  • Complex voting with any number of categories or voting phases
  • Anti-brigading measures to maintain integrity
  • Automated time-based content updates
  • Secure control panel to monitor statistics

Multi-category and multi-phase voting

The platform can handle one category or one-hundred categories. Votes can be made individually by category, or through a directed vote flow. Your competition is spread over multiple phases? No problem! However big or small or simple or complex your vote, we can handle it.

Anti-brigading measures

We integrated a few features to identify and prevent mass throwaway voting to maintain the integrity of the outcome and the public trust in your organisation.

  • Email verification
    Verification via a unique emailed link ensures a vote’s email address is owned by the voter.
  • Throwaway email domain detection
    Votes made with known throwaway email services are flagged, and can optionally be removed from vote results entirely.

Our system has processed millions of votes for multiple competitions without breaking a sweat; it's secure, dependable and flexible

  • Email plus-addressing detection
    Voters whose email addresses support plus-addressing (email@gmail.com, email+1@gmail.com) cannot abuse the feature to cast multiple votes.
  • CAPTCHA support
    Voting bots are rendered powerless with a simple humanity test; supports reCAPTCHA as standard.
Phase-based automated content updates

Need a different homepage before, during, and after the competition? We automate time-sensitive content-changes – a great help when your vote closes at midnight on a bank holiday!

Password-protected vote statistics area, with data export

Keep an eye on voting progress with the secure statistics panel. Analyse the success of a marketing push with graphs of voting behaviour and nominee popularity.

Proven technology

Independently adjudicated by the Electoral Reform Society and PromoVeritas our voting system has diligently processed millions of votes for multiple competitions without breaking a sweat. If you’re looking for a secure, dependable, flexible web voting platform, look no further.

Last updated 29 October 2018

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