Our approach and process

All of our clients have one thing in common: ambition. The bigger the ambition, the bigger the challenge, which is great, because we love challenges. And we solve them through shared purpose, collaboration, creativity, efficiency and rigour.

Here’s the process we follow on most projects — discover, design, build, test and refine.


To get to the heart of your project quickly we immerse ourselves in your business, your customers, your market and your objectives. We speak to your users, staff and stakeholders to form a detailed picture of the challenge, at which point your goals become our goals.

We solve big challenges through, collaboration, creativity, efficiency and rigour

Discovery can include detailed consultation, workshops, competitive analysis, web structure/content auditing and a range of other processes; the aim is to gain a foundational understanding that will inform intelligent decision making throughout the project.

Deliverables from this phase can include information architecture (sitemaps), wireframes, user journey mapping, user experience, content strategy and so on: the tools that lead us into the design phase.


Using knowledge built up during discovery and with the sitemap and wireframes in place we move into design. The aim is to create an engaging visual design and user interface that adheres to your organisation’s brand, is reflective of your ambition and encourages the desired user behaviour.

We share our designs through InVision, a collaborative platform for interactive prototyping, feedback and sign-off – it can be used for user-testing, getting approval from multiple stakeholders, managing workflow, version control and more.

As you see the visuals of your site come together, from creative inspiration and broad strokes to nailing every last detail, we transition from design to nuts-and-bolts development.


With the design finalised we move on to the build, starting with our standards-compliant, browser-compatible, search-engine-friendly framework, developed to integrate seamlessly with Craft CMS (the best Content Management System we’ve ever used). Prioritising function over faddism, the established technology ecosystem we use ensures your project remains supported and relevant for its entire working life.

We also build for performance; incorporating automatic optimisation processes into our workflow to make your website lightning-fast, even on mobile.

The web is for everyone. Our practice of progressive enhancement and accessibility assurance means you can reach visitors of all platforms and abilities, without diminishing the full-featured modern-browser experience.

Test and refine

Depending on the type of project, useful data can come flooding in very soon after launch, or take more time to build up. The data can be used to great effect with our strategic services, which are designed test and refine your website. SEO, content strategy, pay-per-click advertising and A/B testing can all come into play to drive more engagement, more conversions and more return on investment.

This type of work can be vital for large-audience projects where specific user-journeys have been mapped, and is often specified from the start. Even if it's not we’ll still revisit your site after a few months to check it’s performing well and doing everything you want it to.

We know that business can move fast; if your strategy changes, your website should change too. Your goals are our goals.

Written by Owen Matthews, Creative Director

Last updated 24 April 2017

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