Learn, build, improve

The classic Agile workflow has stood the test of time because it really is the best way to create products. Let’s think about it for a second.

Without thorough research, how do you know what your users need? What gap are you filling? How competitive is the space? What functions are going to keep your audience engaged and how can you prioritise those to get to market as quickly as possible?

The design and development stages naturally follow research. If you don't prepare for improvement, though, it can be easy to take shortcuts. And if expediency reduces your options later on, is it a benefit, or a barrier?

And finally, improvement. It’s great to launch, but it’s even better to improve: make things faster; give your users more of what they like and less of what they don’t; adapt to new opportunities as they emerge and stay ahead of the curve.

We lead your organisation through this deceptively simple process to deliver digital platforms, products and services that people will love.

Whether you want to build for the mass market, or an ultra niche audience, the approach is the same. Because it works.

The process of taking an idea, testing it, developing it into a useful tool and then making it all work has always been incredibly smooth and hassle free with Ten4. We look forward to continued collaboration on the next iteration, and on other tools in the pipeline.

Peter Guthrie, Director, The Boundary
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