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User-friendly and flexible content management

There are plenty of content management systems out there, but we haven’t seen any that can match Craft CMS for its ease of use (which is great for you) and its development capability (which is brilliant for us).

We’ve used Craft CMS on over 100 websites of all scales and complexities.

We love it, and you will too.

Ten4 has been instrumental in helping us to develop our flagship publication — the 2019 Guide to specification. [Our 3000 members can] interrogate and curate the information depending on their requirements [and we can] update the information as and when needed.

Arezou Said, Director of Research and Policy, British Council for Offices

A content-first CMS

Craft CMS makes it easy for us to tailor the system to your content, whatever and however you want to publish. The flexible entry types and custom fields can be perfectly matched to your criteria, meaning you can concentrate on creating the best copy, images and video (without worrying about how they will fit in). Design pages using pre-built blocks for inline-quotes, image galleries, video, related content... whatever you need to engage your audience.

  • Designed for your content
  • Create relationships between content to encourage rich user journeys
  • Produce enagaing and SEO friendly long-form content that looks great

Edit images on the fly with an intuitive interface

Control panel for editing images in Craft CMS showing crop and focal point options.

Craft CMS’s intuitive image editor

The image editor is super easy to use, allowing you to change images from anywhere in the CMS.

  • Crop, rotate and flip images on the fly
  • Change filenames to improve SEO
  • Add alt-text to help accessibility
  • Set focal-points to ensure the important part of your image is always shown

Version control and detailed user-permissions

With Craft’s version control, you can easily roll-back to a previous version of an entry. This can be a lifesaver if someone accidentally rewrites your carefully worded case-study.

Even better, you can give different people different permissions, so marketing staff can do news and blogs, HR can do staff biographies, product experts can do fact-sheets and there’s zero chance of anybody going off-piste.

Complex API integrations

We’ve integrated Craft with multiple external systems: a national charity's CRM (Access thankQ); a world-class concert hall’s ticketing system (Spektrix); a large architecture practice’s active directory; and an international art gallery’s inventory management software.

All of these integrations make life easier for our clients and their customers.

Multi-language websites made easy with localisation

Screenshot of the NAtional Lottery Good Causes welsh-language website homepage

The National Lottery Good Causes Welsh-language website

Craft’s localisation feature makes it easy to provide content in different languages. Many of our clients have used this to boost their visibility in important markets like Russia and China or to be more inclusive in the UK by translating content for Welsh speakers.


Craft Commerce lets you manage your store in the way you want to. Forget trying to fit your branding into a predesigned theme — everything about Craft Commerce is bespoke.

Manage orders, products, subscriptions, wholesale discounts, dynamic pricing and more in the same place you manage the rest of your website.

  • No themes. Your Craft Commerce store is your own.
  • Customise every element of the experience.
  • Enable only the features and functions you need — no more cluttered interfaces.
  • User-friendly dashboard and order management.
  • Live previews of everything you publish.
  • Handles taxes, shipping, and more.
  • Works with popular payment gateways, CRMs, and fulfilment services.

Manage multiple websites through a single CMS

Craft CMS’s powerful multisite feature means you can manage multiple websites through a single login. If you’re in charge of two, three, four... or even more websites, you know how much time you could save if your content was centrally managed.

Plenty of big-name organisations use Craft CMS

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Craft CMS developers, Craft CMS Partners

The Craft CMS Partner programme brings organisations and Craft developers together. Because of our long history of expertise in developing with Craft, we were in the first raft of digital agencies on the Partner programme.

You can expect breadth of experience, deep knowledge of Craft CMS and evident professional and reliable business practices

Our stated expertise:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Ecommerce
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Digital/Inbound Marketing
  • CRM integrations
  • Ticketing & Box Office integrations
  • Intranets
  • Hosting
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