Increasing sales across multiple websites through brand strategy and user experience

Our requirements have been wide-ranging in terms of scale and offer, and Ten4 have met all of the challenges, bringing invaluable project management, design and technical skills and ensuring that all work was completed to deadline. We are very pleased with the results.

Nicki Marsh, Head of Marketing

Live entertainment across the UK

Underbelly run several live-entertainment festivals across the UK at different times of the year. The company experienced rapid growth with much of their revenue coming through online ticket sales, but ad hoc web design had created a disjointed user experience. Our goal was to increase online sales by delivering a better ticketing system and unifying the Underbelly brand across five festival websites.


The work

We felt that the Underbelly branding overpowered each festival’s individual identity. By switching focus to the festivals through five new websites (and annexing unrelated information to the new corporate site) we gave customers a clearer view of each offering and created a more compelling first impression.

From there we focussed on information architecture and user-flow, balancing the need for cross-selling with a streamlined checkout process (developed in collaboration with Underbelly’s ticketing provider) to keep users in the payment funnel. The bespoke user-interface was re-themed for each festival.

On the administration side we implemented a new content management system to run the five sites through a single login, bringing efficiency and scalability to day-to-day operations.


  • Brand strategy
  • User experience design
  • Web design and development
  • Ticketing system integration
  • Responsive web design

User experience drives revenue

Our focus on user experience for all devices has lead to a 16% rise in online ticket sales for Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe


Distinguishing corporate information from marketing

Creating a distinct and separate corporate site gave Underbelly more space to showcase their culture and ethos, attract new business, advertise career openings and sell merchandise. Our ongoing relationship ensures regular updates and improvements are always inline with Underbelly’s business goals.



Underbelly now sell more tickets and generate more revenue through their websites

  • Our work contributed to a 40% surge in sales for Edinburgh’s Christmas, with 10% more tickets being sold online than the previous year
  • Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe did even better, with a 16% rise in online ticket sales
  • Users have increased by around 70%, pageviews by 20% and user-journeys are 10% faster
Since launch, sales are up 40% and traffic is up 70%

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