Sheppard Robson

Sheppard Robson
Sheppard Robson

Remodeling an in-house redesign to focus on user experience and information architecture

Ten4 impressed us with a holistic approach that fully understands design, development, and user experience – explaining clearly how they could use all these to help a large practice like Sheppard Robson present its many projects and ideas. Ten4 are not just 'yes' people who passively deliver a project; they challenged us to enhance the design and structure of the site [...] I would fully recommend them.

Peter Dye, Head of Marketing & Communications

A major player with international credentials

Sheppard Robson approached us to develop the in-house redesign of their website. The practice is a major player in a number of sectors and while focussed in the UK, wanted to emphasise its international credentials as well as its interior design division. The graphic design department’s proposal had significant partner-approval, but inexperience in web design resulted in a number of fundamental flaws. We were tasked with resolving these issues and using our experience and expertise to bring their concept to life.

Sheppard Robson

The work

We were initially asked to build Sheppard Robson’s in-house redesign, but shortcomings in the proposal meant the brief quickly evolved to include a full content, information architecture, user experience and design review. Special attention was given to maintaining the essence of the redesign while incorporating our own ideas and recommendations.

We refocused the confusing site map and navigation. By taking a user-centred approach we were able to structure content logically and highlight the interior design division (ID:SR) more acutely. A web of connections could now be drawn between different types of content, linking projects to the partners that headed them up, their awards and associated news.

The strong editorial feel of the homepage can be curated by the marketing team to highlight particular strengths and expertise.


  • Information Architecture
  • User experience
  • Responsive web design and development
  • Content Management

Making the most of geographical data

The grid references we use to create the project map allow us to show geographical links elsewhere on the site

Sheppard Robson
Sheppard Robson

As well as showing an impressive portfolio of architecture and interiors, Sheppard Robson use the site to detail all areas of their practice, from culture to careers, the latest news and highlights from their 75 years in business.

Sheppard Robson
Sheppard Robson


Sheppard Robson use their website more than ever to communicate the practice’s ethos, demonstrate the wide ranging expertise of its partners, deliver news and opinion pieces and attract new talent for career openings.

Traffic is up 75% with social referrals increasing by an impressive 160%

Sheppard Robson
Traffic has risen 75% since launch and social referrals are up 160%

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